In our culture, a granite headstone is the most popular way of creating a memorial and commemorating a loved one’s life. We all would like to add a touch of uniqueness to the resting place of our loved ones, and therefore the headstone should combine beauty and functionality.

The material that is ideally suited for this purpose is natural stone, first of all granite, that is highly resistant to changing and adverse weather conditions and does not absorb moisture. It is safe, non-flammable and resistant to abrasion. The material is also very durable and requires little maintenance or care.


Granite headstones are fabricated in our stonemasonry facility in Strzegom. We are able to supply headstones in traditional shapes and to create non-standard designs to achieve a unique and personalized memorial. Our company offers you the option of choosing any design, shape and granite surface finish.


LUKSTONE offers granite in a wide selection of colors and shades. Our materials are imported from all over the world and therefore our company offers the widest selection of granite types. As an experienced supplier of headstones, we specialize in complex projects and we are able to meet the most demanding expectations.


Prices of granite headstones vary according to several factors such as size and type of headstone (single, double, children’s), type of material and processing, size and type of inscription, required marking and optional accessories. The price of a granite headstone is determined individually for each order based on the following information:

  • type of tomb (single, double, children’s),
  • description of the installation site,
  • type of granite,
  • preferred headstone style and any other individual preferences,
  • type and the preferred text of inscription on the headstone,
  • optional accessories,
  • additional services (arrangement of the area around the memorial, hardening, etc.)

Based on the information received from you, we prepare a cost estimate and provide you with a price quote for your preferred headstone. Review the portfolio of our past projects delivered in Strzegom, Wrocław and other locations in southwestern Poland.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialist will be happy to answer all your questions and, if necessary, will advise you on the most suitable type of memorial, design or material. You are also invited to visit our stonemasonry facility in Strzegom at ul. Ceglana 6 where you can review our portfolio of projects and the offer of granite colors.