LUKSTONE manufactures granite, marble and stone stairs, and offers related installation services. We provide complex project services – from an initial price quote, through measurements and development of design, to the final transport of materials and installation of interior or exterior stairs on site.

Stairs are an important element that is used for movement both inside and outside buildings. The place of installation, shape of steps, finish of wall-mounted elements, and first of all the type of material to be used for stairs allow creating unique and personalized forms. Granite or marble stairs are the best solution – they are durable and elegant. Granite stairs offer excellent functionality and visual appearance for many years.


Marble and granite stairs are most often an integral element of the living space. When adequately designed and fabricated, they are an essential structural component and a showcase of any home or office interior. Our Customers do not hesitate about using materials offered by our company, such as granite – characterized by hardness, resistance and beauty, for stairs or any other elements and interior decor features. Granite and marble stairs are manufacturer in our facility situated at ul. Ceglana 6 in Strzegom.


Exterior stairs made from granite – most often used as entry stairs into your home or office – made from high-quality natural material, they are a perfect complement that adds a touch of character and distinctiveness to the exterior decor.

We advise against using exterior stairs made from marble because it is less resistant to adverse weather conditions. We recommend using marble for interior stairs.

Exterior stairs can be made in any texture you prefer:

  • flamed,
  • grained,
  • polished with anti-slip lines.

Exterior stairs made from stone and the processing of their granite steps make them safe for use during winter.

Our offer includes exterior stairs made from flamed granite, natural stone or sandstone. Choosing our stone stairs, you can be sure that you receive complex services, an elegant design and professional installation.


Granite is a highly robust material that is resistant to damage as well as changing and adverse weather conditions. As a result, its unique and spectacular appearance can be enjoyed for many years. Additionally, stairs or other elements made from granite do not require much care or maintenance.

Natural stone is an ideal choice for interior or exterior stairs.


Exterior stairs are most often made from Strzegom grey and Vanga granite or Impala, Absolute Black or Suede black granite. We can also offer other color options according to the Customer’s preferences.


Exterior and interior stairs made from stone need to be differently designed, and therefore the price of installation of granite, stone or marble stairs is always determined for individual orders, following initial measurements and selection of the type and color of material.

Our stone exterior stairs are very popular across southwestern Poland because of their attractive price, elegant finish and long durability.

We make any necessary measurements and carry out installation of the delivered components. Contact us by phone to arrange an appointment for measurements based on which we will prepare a price quote. The price of granite stairs also includes a full package of installation services.

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Our granite and marble products are an excellent investment for the future. They give the interior a natural, elegant and timeless look. Visit our company in Strzegom at ul. Ceglana 6.

We recommend choosing flamed granite for your stairs to achieve a dazzling appearance at an affordable price.


I am very satisfied with my stairs. All project-related tasks – measurements, fabrication and installation were carried out promptly and efficiently, and the final look was very esthetic. My granite stairs made by LUKSTONE have added unparalleled beauty to my home. They have very attractive prices. I strongly recommend!
Ewa z Boguszowa-Gorc

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