The washbasin is an integral part of the bathroom. A well-chosen washbasin not only makes it easier to keep with the daily hygiene routine but it is also an excellent decorative element that complements the interior design. Esthetic and durable washbasins made from stone are the most popular choice among Customers. Our products are chosen both by individual and business customers such as hotels or spa centers. A rich assortment of colors makes it possible to choose a washbasin that perfectly matches the other interior features.


Stone washbasins are mostly made from materials that are both durable and elegant, such as granite, quartzite or marble. Stone washbasins are undeniably quite heavy, however, their heavy appearance creates a stunning complement to any bathroom and any home. We listen to the needs of our customers. They can choose the preferred shape (e.g. rectangular) or color.

Washbasins offered by our company can be easily matched to the existing bathroom decor. Our Customers can choose from a wide variety of granite, marble or quartzite colors. This is a perfect combination with a stone top that is an equally popular choice. This is undeniably a highly innovative and unconventional option. Stone stands out for its simple shape, natural color and cool elegance. This material does not diminish the elegance or sleekness of washbasins. Countertop-mounted washbasins are also very popular. They undeniably add a touch of extravagance and original glamour to any interior decor. We offer washbasins in any size or shape. You can decide yourself what your perfect washbasin should look like.


Stone washbasins offer an exquisite look that comes with superb durability and resistance. Heavy and solid washbasins are famous for their robustness and resistance to mechanical damage. Additionally, they are resistant to high temperature, which guarantees durability for long years. Thick and solid walls guarantee superior resistance. Marble is characterized by high functionality – it takes long time to absorb heat and it is resistant to moisture. These advantages undeniably show that it is an ideal solution for all types of bathrooms, whether designed in a classic or modern style.


To ensure that you can feast your eyes on the gorgeous appearance of your stone washbasin during long years, it should be regularly cared for and maintained correctly. The fundamental maintenance procedure is to clean the inside of the washbasin using a cleaning agent and to wipe it dry. This will help you to protect the surface against scale build-up. This is very important, especially with dark color options. You should also impregnate the surface of the washbasin from time to time, using a special impregnating agent.

Based on our long-year experience, we created a top-quality product with the lowest price. We invite you to review our offer and contact us to get more information.