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Granite window sills are an integral part of every window. They add a perfect finishing touch as well as have esthetic and practical functions. Window sills can be divided into exterior and interior according to the place of their installation. Granite window sills are the most elegant and durable option. We equally often supply granite tops in Wrocław. You are also invited to visit our stonemasonry facility in Strzegom at ul. Ceglana 6 to see examples of granite, marble or stone window sills.


We recommend installing interior window sills made from granite, even though it is a slightly more expensive investment as compared to PCV or marble window sills. Our customers very often opt for this solution because stone window sills perfectly match any interior and harmonize with other materials. Additionally, granite window sills are highly durable, resistant to scratching and stains. If in the future you decide to place flower pots or any other elements that will be often moved from side to side, granite window sills are the best option.


Exterior window sills made from granite make a fantastic feature of the exterior decor, and at the same time they protect walls from water stains and moisture. Granite window sills are resistant to changing and adverse weather conditions, e.g. rain, snow, frost and heat. Window sills should be installed at a distance of at least 5 cm from the wall so that 1 cm of the window sill is recessed under the window frame and the remaining 4 cm of the window sill can be used as an eave.

If a granite window sill is to be recessed into side walls, this installation step depends on two factors:

  • The exterior casing is installed along the entire height of the window – window sills should be recessed into side walls along the width of the frame so as to avoid water stains.
  • The exterior casing is much shorter than the window height or there is no exterior casing – granite window sills should be recessed into side walls as you see fit. This is usually 5-7 cm both on the right-hand and left-hand side.

Exterior window sills made from granite usually require a drip edge. This is a small, about 5-mm deep slit along the entire length of the window sill that makes water drip at some distance from the building’s facade so that there are no water stains on the facade.

Types of drip edge:

  • pass-through drip edge,
  • non-pass-through drip edge (ended at about 1 cm from the short side of window sill on both sides).


We most often work on projects in Strzegom and the surrounding areas. We are also often requested to supply stone window sills by customers located in Wrocław. We also offer stone and granite tops.

Selection of colours

LUKSTONE can provide window sills with sides and corners shaped as follows:

  • rectangular,
  • with quarter-round beading,
  • beveled,
  • rounded.

We offer the best granite countertops in Wrocław, Strzegom and southwestern Poland. Put your trust in our high-quality exterior and interior window sills made from granite.


If you are interested in purchasing granite window sills, please contact us for a detailed quote.

The cost of implementation depends on the dimensions of the sill, its thickness, selected color, type of processing and transport costs. We easily deliver our granite window sills to Wrocław and other locations.

The price of a square meter of a granite window sill depends on its color and thickness. It can be about PLN 500-600 / m2 for colors such as Vanga or Impala, about PLN 800 / m2 for Kashmir Gold or Imperial Gold.

Kalkulator ceny gotowego parapetu

Enter the dimensions of the granite window sill in centimeters and our calculator will approximate the cost of the finished element, depending on the type of granite selected.

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For information on the current price of the selected granite, please contact us.
e-mail:biuro@lukstone.pltel. 885 708 808

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